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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

JWOC 2015 Middle A-final rerun (07-07-2015)
Great course and a lot of fun - fantastic feeling to run fast does first 9 controls. Very good run as long as there were controls ...
Bedrift Kanadaskogen HA (10-06-2015)
I ran out there and wished for the marshes to be frozen.
Pokalkamp Munkebotn H17 (02-06-2015)
Terça-Feira 2 Junho 2015
Munkebotn, Norway
Very wet today - both in the terrain and from the sky. Not exactly a good speed feeling for anybody out there, except the first fe...
Bedrift Kokstad HA (27-05-2015)
Quarta-Feira 27 Maio 2015
Kokstad, BKK, Norway
Good technical race. Strategy today was to try to run as direct as possible. Lost 15-20 seconds to 9 because I lost concentration ...
Pokalkamp Askøy H17 (05-05-2015)
Nice course to be on Askøy - we nearly didn't have to go into the forest. Good technical race - probably ran too much around to 3...
Belgium 3 Days - Day 2 M21E (02-05-2015)
First time orienteering in Belgia - a lot of fun. Interesting terrain - for me the orienteering determined the speed in significan...
Belgium 3 Days Day 1 - Open Long Difficult (01-05-2015)
Warm up in Belgium - the normal long distance race was too long for my knee. Nice terrain, but the second day was a lot more inter...
Lørdagskjappen H21E (25-04-2015)
Bad technical race, but physically it felt quite good. Generally too much simplification and not accurate enough into the control....
Bedrift Lyderhorn/Gravdal HA (22-04-2015)
Quarta-Feira 22 Abril 2015
Lyderhorn, Norway
Nice course for this terrain. Speed was quite good, but simplified too much to 7th (and stopped early) - cost 45 seconds. To 11 th...
Bedrift Kanadaskogen HA (15-04-2015)
Quarta-Feira 15 Abril 2015
Big mistake (3 min) at 2nd control - too much simplification and lost concentration. Unfortunately that was before I started the w...
Kristornløp 2015 Lang (12-04-2015)
Nice course, good technical race.