Bedrift Lyderhorn/Gravdal HA (22/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lyderhorn
Country: Norway
Distance: 4.54 km
Time: 35:13
Nice course for this terrain. Speed was quite good, but simplified too much to 7th (and stopped early) - cost 45 seconds. To 11 the map was strange - the control was in a green area, and as the control was supposed to be in the white I was reluctant to go into the green. But my fault - should have been more accurate when leaving the road. Cost me 1.40. Also some insecurity into 5 (10 sec) and wrong direction out of 6 (5-10 sec).
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Bedrift Lyderhorn/Gravdal HA (22/04/2015) Bedrift Lyderhorn/Gravdal HA (22/04/2015)