Bedriftsløp Dyngeland (23/04/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dyngeland
Organiser: Fana
Country: Norway
Distance: 4.59 km
Time: 38:53
Lovely! First time running since December (except for a 15 minute jog and hobbling around a course in Slovenia with a swollen ancle)! Nice spring-feeling in the forest - the Bergen terrain is seldom as nice as it was today. Tough course, had to walk many uphills. Technically not the best race - several small mistakes (2nd, wrong direction, passed the stream, had to go back), 4th (didn't understand the map, 40 seconds lost in the ring), 6th (wrong direction, running with my head under the arm), 12th (probably lost some seconds by going right, but there was a small hill on the path direct, and I was tired). Won the course in the end anyway, however :-)
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Bedriftsløp Dyngeland (23/04/2014) Bedriftsløp Dyngeland (23/04/2014)