Nattcup Førjulsnatten - Lang (11/12/2013)
Category: Competition
Country: Norway
Distance: 13.25 km
Time: 96:22
10 km night orienteering with mass start - a big challenge for mind & body. The orienteering was quite easy, but it was still very nice to have that 10Mila feeling with 6-7 people behind keeping up the pressure on myself. Just some very minor mistakes. Route choice to 1 was approximately equal to go direct or around. I had planned to quit half ways, but that is when the orienteering started (before that it was only about running), so I just could not stop. This is my longest race in around 5 years - and it felt great during the race. Not surprisingly the knee hurts now. Hope to be OK in a few days again...
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Nattcup Førjulsnatten - Lang (11/12/2013) Nattcup Førjulsnatten - Lang (11/12/2013)