Nattcup 2 Fløyen (13/11/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fløyen
Organiser: Viking
Distance: 5.61 km
Time: 40:31
Took number 1 from behind - I think that was a good choice although it was slow up the steep hill (gets significantly shorter). To number 3 I think I choose the correct route choice, but bad execution (did not see the small path) cost me 10-15 seconds. Lost some time into number 5 - should have taken it from the left. Big mistake to number 7 - lost around 2:40 after running 1-2 meters beside the control (according to one coming just behind me). The map was not good in this area, so from below it was quite impossible to find - I was quite angry when I finally found it (but that is a good sign that I put some feelings into the races again:) Still it was my fault by not being careful enough - although I would not have placed a control there myself. Small mistake to 8 - the rest went well. An OK race except for number 7 - with number 7 it was a quite bad race in total...
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Nattcup 2 Fløyen (13/11/2013) Nattcup 2 Fløyen (13/11/2013)