Bedriftsløp Alvøen (25/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Alvøen
Distance: 3.65 km
Time: 27:38
Nice course and terrain - the first part was one of the nicest I have run in Bergen this year. Run very well until crossing the road (interesting route choice to number 3 - crossing the lake which was actually a marsh there). Lost 30-40 seconds to 7 - searched a bit too early, and the control was well hidden. Very tired to number 8 - but didn't get punished for it until 9 where I run without really looking at the map, loosing some 15-20 seconds. No more mistakes in the rest of the course, but felt very tired in the uphills and marshes - probably started to hard. Won the race with 3 minutes, but not the best competition.
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Bedriftsløp Alvøen (25/09/2013) Bedriftsløp Alvøen (25/09/2013)