Fana Club Champs (29/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Totland
Organiser: Fana
Distance: 4.35 km
Time: 30:16
Mass start race - good race except for small time loss to number 1 (15 seconds?) and some insecurity to number 7 (20 seconds?). The unequal forking fooled me a bit to number one: When I saw a lot of others taking a control further down in the marsh, I thought I was somehow in the wrong place (even if I had 100% control -> always trust your own orienteering) as I had not thought about the possibility of unequal forking. Turned out the others had a shorter 1st/2nd control, and we never managed to catch the fastest of the ones with the shorter forking at 1/2. Another forking at 7-8 - probably no big time difference there. Even if our variant was probably longer, it was a lot more fun with the forking than it would have been without forking:)
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Fana Club Champs (29/08/2013) Fana Club Champs (29/08/2013)