OOCup Ultimate Day 4 (29/07/2013)
Category: Competition
Distance: 9.08 km
Time: 89:21
The most tricky day of OOCup - and again I showed that I don't master the terrain when it is at it most tricky. Direction mistake to number 1 cost me 3-4 minutes. Not accurate enough orienteering to number 5 another 4-5 minutes. And 7 minutes to number 10 - starting to get tired and not seeing the control on the way down the hill. After that I had to fight to get running/jogging to the finnish. Very positive: Running all the way - the knee surviving more than 80 minutes! Fun - but not good enough :)
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OOCup Ultimate Day 4 (29/07/2013) OOCup Ultimate Day 4 (29/07/2013)