Antaly O-Days Day 4 (24/02/2013)
Category: Competition
Discipline: Middle
Nice race - 993 WRE points is the best result in 10(!) years! Good technical flow, but several control and direction mistakes.

1. Very eager to push up the hill. So much fun running that I forget to look at the map. Loose about 1:15
2. Forget to use compass - loose some seconds
3. Again forget to be careful with compass - also get uncertain towards the control. Loose some seconds
4. (number 11 on the map). Orienteer to the next control -> i.e. wrong direction
Rest of forking: Good except for the one marked 5 on the map and the one marked 6
14-18. Good!
19. Took the right choice, but lost time on the middle of the leg (too far down) and into the control (wrong path through green)
22. Small mistake into control - not careful enough with attackpoint.

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Antaly O-Days Day 4 (24/02/2013)