Norwegian Champs Middle Qual (09/09/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brådalsfjellet
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 3.79 km
Time: 34:56
First time jogging in longer time than I can remember. Towards the first control I was only concentrating on the fact that I was actually jogging - so I forgot to look a the map. Stopped early, but then relocated and found the control.To the second control I decided to play it safe and take the right side of the lake - then taking the control from below. Careful into the control, but found it well. Easy to 3 and 4 - no problems. To 5 I simplified and run on direction towards the semi-open hill on the middle of the leg. Then orienteered on the contours the rest of the leg. Close to doing a paralell mistake to number 9 (going too high), but went well. Run left to number 10 on purpose to simplify. No problems the rest of the course. Jogging went surprisingly well - knee is still alive now a few days after...
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Norwegian Champs Middle Qual (09/09/2011)